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The Grand Prix

Jenny Berggren in Grand Prix
Tomorrow I will be there and start to set up all things for the show on the 26:th.
I can’t wait.

’There’ is of course in Copenhagen, the capitol of Denmark.

I am so happy to be able to work in Denmark again.
I know the language since twenty years soon, because of all the times I have worked there.
I know the streets, the best shops, designers and so on. I know the sound of the clock from Rådhuspladsen.

When I was twenty-one and walked the streets of Copenhagen as a young pop star, I had a vision of that Copenhagen was the very best city in the world. I still do.
It has everything. I remembered I loved the story behind every corner of the city. I heard many and lost them into my inner memories, still creating a good spirit.

Then I got the chance to see for the very first time a country in miniature, since I was for the first time traveling a whole country in only a few weeks. It was just before Christmas in the 90’s and we left for a small tour.
I saw everything through the hungry eyes of a young person:
The windpowerstations, the audience, the smell of sugarcanes factories, the hills and wide stretched landscape, the ”GaJol” candy and the Citronvann sodas I grew to love, the drinking tap water, The prescription for a great evening according to the pair-dancing in inner Jylland, in all the mentality of a whole people humble before the arts, because they are covered with it in various ways.

I learned to love Copenhagen and Denmark. The Danes granted me an entrance into their school of pop stardom, and they gave me a wisdom I could live with. ”Be yourself. I am!”

I took my first step as an artist in this country, witch airport always saw a tired 20 year old girl returning home, transfer traveling to Gothenburg, my home city. I was the only one who had taken of my shoes. I relaxed because I felt like home, and then I didn’t need any shoes on my feet anymore. This barefoot behavior of mine has only happened in my own house and … in Copenhagen, Denmark:)