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Makeup and hair!

Eva Petrén
When it comes to these things then I, Eva Petrén comes into the picture of Jenny Berggren. I have done hair and makeup for Jenny since 2007, on The Real Abba Orchestra tour. (Check me out on

It is fun to do hair and makeup, cause it is an art form that more or less every person uses every day in our modern world.

I have followed Jenny through all her turns and trials, ups and downs. For me, makeup and hair is so much more than just the surface of the face and the actual hair.

I usually tell Jenny to let go of all things and relax and focus. Usually this is the only time of the day she gets to be quiet and left alone.
And it happens every time:
Suddenly Jenny sits completely still and disappears into her fog of focus. It is like she visualizes the show for her inner self. At the same time she is able to follow me with the directions I give her. I see her shifting from one focus to another,
and then drifting back again. They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and Jenny is no exception!
Sometimes a small sound, leaking from the corner of her lips, still completely in the other world:
“I’m standing in the city light…”

She makes me smile.

My makeup and hair idea is to catch the unique in each personality, the mirror of the soul. Every soul tells a story. No makeup in the world can heal a broken spirit, but a broken spirit tells a story that I can catch an expression of.
I love to see when the inner project gives the outer beauty!