My two friends

I have two friends entering this huge TV production.
Ester Elenora and TinTino.


I enter my room at Grå Gåsen Inn with huge expectations. For this TV show I brought a lot of clothes. Now, when I’ve unpacked my bags, I find myself sitting there staring at my wardrobe. 30 hangers with beautiful clothes are looking back at me. If they could sing I wouldn’t been able to leave my room at all, since they are so fantastic, and extremely well put together by my stylist Mats Lysell.

Everyday clothes and Extra-blinging night wears.

My favorite shop in Gothenburg is called TinTino and is located on Korsgatan 3 in central Gothenburg.


For two years ago I was in a situation where TinTino became a life saver. I needed a whole wardrobe for my “Jenny from Ace of Base-show”. For all six people travelling with me the nice staff had all sizes and a masterpiece of combinations regarding the cool-beautiful-efficient-Shazzzam!Bam!-feeling that all stageclothes need to have. (They did it in 20 min!) And I have proof of that the the clothes still have the same colors after many washes, and pearls and sequin are as when I bought them.

Who needs more? If they say time is money then you practicly earn them buying stuff at TinTinos.

I love this Ester Elenora necklace so much I wear it as soon as I can. More about her creations later. As I was doing this TV show I thought I had everything figured out:
I was supposed to wear white at lunch to sing my song, but since all the artist wore white I rapidly changed mine to a TinTino-bought dress from Cream. (Fits like spray and feels lika e warm summerwave to wear.) If not we would easily have taken this Lunch to a Sankta Lucia Swedish 13:th of December event.

La vie en rose.
Thanks to my allies.

    • Anonymous
    • November 8th, 2015

    Du är så underbar i så mycket bättre, Din dag vart ett underbart program Tack. Kram

    • Alex
    • November 8th, 2015

    Jenny, you always looks georgeous! So nice to read your blog!
    Great perfomances from you on that TV4 TV show!
    Take care, looking forward for new songs in your Jenny from Ace Of Base show. Unspeakable, Beautiful Mornibg or Let Your Heart Be Mine would be fabulous!

    • Sharmistha
    • November 10th, 2015

    Absolutely Amazing Styling!!! Jenny you looked gorgeous!!!! Best Wishes for the future! I loved those!!!

    • Patricia
    • November 10th, 2015

    Jen, even if you were wearing coveralls you would look terrific! You are our superstar 😀
    Love you!

    • Anonymous
    • November 12th, 2015

    Denna klänning ser bra Jenny dig … Hälsningar från Mexiko 😀

      • Ayerim JennyAcer
      • November 12th, 2015

      Denna klänning ser bra Jenny dig … Hälsningar från Mexiko

    • Jennie Ekdahl
    • November 28th, 2015

    Den vita mönstrade klänningen du har i introt när ni går vid stranden?? Vilket märke är det? Tack för ett bra program 😀
    Mvh Jennie

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