Nails for TV!

It is a couple of days before i leave to Gotland for a marathon recording of a TV-show called “Så Mycket Bättre” (So Much Better). It puts seven artists in a villa called Grå Gåsen (The Grey Goose) on Swedens biggest island Gotland and film live performances in which the artist interpret each others greatest hits. My fellow band members from Ace of Base (Jonas, Ulf and Linn) wished me good luck and the idea for me is to show what kind of music I love to do today. For ten days in a row I will have a constant focus on waking up, eating breakfast, driving cars, boats and doing various insanities as we please. I have one obstacle though. Only one. I am soon finding a solution to the problem: I’m in the car right now, in the hunt for beautiful nails and I got a tip from a dear friend to go to Nova Nails.

She has very beautiful nails and you always find a twist and touch on each nail. My friend says Helena at Nova Nails is a real artist and very pedantic in her work. I love that.

InfoNovaNails 2015_edit

Before I go to “Så Mycket Bättre” I know I have to find something peaceful for my hands to do, while having a camera in my face all the time. Some of you have seen me playing with my hair in interviews. Someone might think I look nervous, but I’m not. I knew I had to make something extra to get some focus on something else, since I am born with highly functional fingers and hands when I listen. Long nice nails would be a complement to my hair spinning skills performed by my capable hands. Just have a look!

…and I know there’s an easier way to master this lively fingers:

I need to learn how to
– knit
– tat
– crochet
– diaper web

But that is for next year. Right now I am enjoying this:

IMG_2126_editWork in progress.


IMG_2127_editAfter two weeks.

I will come back to you later with more information about Nova nails.
And yes, you can learn how to pick up needles with acrylic nails. You just improvise…
The combination of these two is why learning the above mentioned handycraft will take at least a year.

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