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Hi and Hoo

Santa Claus
The consumption oriented Christmas is starting here. A bit early… we just survived All Saints Day. Never the less, the shops in Gothenburg are getting full of Santa’s in various sizes and dancemooves. It makes me wonder.

I red about Santa Claus, the real one, in one of my new favorite books
”The Oxford Dictionary of Saints” by David Hugh Farmer:
Did you know that the Bishop of Myra lived in Turkey (4th century) was known to be a thaumaturge, a miracle worker. Myra in Swedish means ”ant”. I have to disregard this fact, since he was not the Bishop of ants…
Later canonized to be Santa Nicholas, he was known to both the eastern and western church tradition, and he survived the worst prosecution of Christians of all times under the Roman emperor Diocletian. He was/is a popular saint.

According to the legend the Bishop of Myra gave away three bags of gold to three young sisters by simply throwing it secretly through their window one night. Now they had money to their marriage dowries, and they didn’t have to start to earn their living as prostitutes. Since the Bishop remained an unknown giver, the girl’s father still was enabled to keep his head high in the society, since he never found anyone to owe anything to. Not in his lifetime anyway. The Bishop of Myra seems to have something else, something moore precious than gold, and plenty of it, since he gave for nothing, and the gift was great. I believe we have all been given the gift of life for nothing, therefore we shall be giving for nothing.

Interesting. Maybe it is good the Santas are out early this year…