Bells Are Ringing

Grå gåsen Inn
The Grå gåsen Inn veranda.



It is true that I believe that God has healed me. I have written music for many years, and here is some lyrics that I wrote in 2011. I will perform this as a song in TV 4 ”After 10” with Malou the 12th of November. The freedom I speak of here is focusing on the inner peace God creates inside of every one of us. Some parts of the lyrics was inspired from a speech I read from Luther King:

”From every mountainside, let freedom ring!”


Read the news, nothing is normal.
This ship is sinking, this world is falling apart
But read the signs, and you’ll find the answers
We’ve been each others fools for too long

I am free, I am on my way
To a different place, to something new
I’m alive, I can feel the change
In my heart and soul, I am alive.

Let your love shine through what’s broken
Like a lighthouse, guiding through thunder and rain
Let your peace rebuild whats been taken
and let wisdom shape the words that we speak.

I am free, I am on my way
To a different place, to something new
I’m alive, I can feel the change
In my heart and soul, I am alive.

Let it ring from each mountainside: Freedom has begun.

I am free, I am on my way
To a different place, to something new
I’m alive, I can feel the change
In my heart and soul, I am alive.

* * *

The bells are ringing in this land.
God has unlimited resources to meed our limitations.
Nothing is better.

Outside our Swedish boundaries I have a heartfilled project that is important to me, and my role as a ambassador gives me the following plead:

Please help Voi with your coins:
Voi is an orphanage that keeps the children in aunts and grandmothers care, making it possible for them to love the lost parent thogether and learn who mom and dad was.

In giving money to this Voi-project my cents becomes a blanket, which gives a child a shield from the cold, and a mattress so they don’t have too sleep on the bare ground.


Read more about Lydia and the Voi-project here:

Send your cents here:
Insättningar på plusgirokonto 117688–2 går oavkortat till de föräldralösa barnen.
Swishnummer: 123 28 25 818, Bankgirokonto 673-7993


My two friends

I have two friends entering this huge TV production.
Ester Elenora and TinTino.


I enter my room at Grå Gåsen Inn with huge expectations. For this TV show I brought a lot of clothes. Now, when I’ve unpacked my bags, I find myself sitting there staring at my wardrobe. 30 hangers with beautiful clothes are looking back at me. If they could sing I wouldn’t been able to leave my room at all, since they are so fantastic, and extremely well put together by my stylist Mats Lysell.

Everyday clothes and Extra-blinging night wears.

My favorite shop in Gothenburg is called TinTino and is located on Korsgatan 3 in central Gothenburg.


For two years ago I was in a situation where TinTino became a life saver. I needed a whole wardrobe for my “Jenny from Ace of Base-show”. For all six people travelling with me the nice staff had all sizes and a masterpiece of combinations regarding the cool-beautiful-efficient-Shazzzam!Bam!-feeling that all stageclothes need to have. (They did it in 20 min!) And I have proof of that the the clothes still have the same colors after many washes, and pearls and sequin are as when I bought them.

Who needs more? If they say time is money then you practicly earn them buying stuff at TinTinos.

I love this Ester Elenora necklace so much I wear it as soon as I can. More about her creations later. As I was doing this TV show I thought I had everything figured out:
I was supposed to wear white at lunch to sing my song, but since all the artist wore white I rapidly changed mine to a TinTino-bought dress from Cream. (Fits like spray and feels lika e warm summerwave to wear.) If not we would easily have taken this Lunch to a Sankta Lucia Swedish 13:th of December event.

La vie en rose.
Thanks to my allies.

Nails for TV!

It is a couple of days before i leave to Gotland for a marathon recording of a TV-show called “Så Mycket Bättre” (So Much Better). It puts seven artists in a villa called Grå Gåsen (The Grey Goose) on Swedens biggest island Gotland and film live performances in which the artist interpret each others greatest hits. My fellow band members from Ace of Base (Jonas, Ulf and Linn) wished me good luck and the idea for me is to show what kind of music I love to do today. For ten days in a row I will have a constant focus on waking up, eating breakfast, driving cars, boats and doing various insanities as we please. I have one obstacle though. Only one. I am soon finding a solution to the problem: I’m in the car right now, in the hunt for beautiful nails and I got a tip from a dear friend to go to Nova Nails.

She has very beautiful nails and you always find a twist and touch on each nail. My friend says Helena at Nova Nails is a real artist and very pedantic in her work. I love that.

InfoNovaNails 2015_edit

Before I go to “Så Mycket Bättre” I know I have to find something peaceful for my hands to do, while having a camera in my face all the time. Some of you have seen me playing with my hair in interviews. Someone might think I look nervous, but I’m not. I knew I had to make something extra to get some focus on something else, since I am born with highly functional fingers and hands when I listen. Long nice nails would be a complement to my hair spinning skills performed by my capable hands. Just have a look!

…and I know there’s an easier way to master this lively fingers:

I need to learn how to
– knit
– tat
– crochet
– diaper web

But that is for next year. Right now I am enjoying this:

IMG_2126_editWork in progress.


IMG_2127_editAfter two weeks.

I will come back to you later with more information about Nova nails.
And yes, you can learn how to pick up needles with acrylic nails. You just improvise…
The combination of these two is why learning the above mentioned handycraft will take at least a year.

Makeup and hair!

Eva Petrén
When it comes to these things then I, Eva Petrén comes into the picture of Jenny Berggren. I have done hair and makeup for Jenny since 2007, on The Real Abba Orchestra tour. (Check me out on

It is fun to do hair and makeup, cause it is an art form that more or less every person uses every day in our modern world.

I have followed Jenny through all her turns and trials, ups and downs. For me, makeup and hair is so much more than just the surface of the face and the actual hair.

I usually tell Jenny to let go of all things and relax and focus. Usually this is the only time of the day she gets to be quiet and left alone.
And it happens every time:
Suddenly Jenny sits completely still and disappears into her fog of focus. It is like she visualizes the show for her inner self. At the same time she is able to follow me with the directions I give her. I see her shifting from one focus to another,
and then drifting back again. They say the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and Jenny is no exception!
Sometimes a small sound, leaking from the corner of her lips, still completely in the other world:
“I’m standing in the city light…”

She makes me smile.

My makeup and hair idea is to catch the unique in each personality, the mirror of the soul. Every soul tells a story. No makeup in the world can heal a broken spirit, but a broken spirit tells a story that I can catch an expression of.
I love to see when the inner project gives the outer beauty!

The Grand Prix

Jenny Berggren in Grand Prix
Tomorrow I will be there and start to set up all things for the show on the 26:th.
I can’t wait.

’There’ is of course in Copenhagen, the capitol of Denmark.

I am so happy to be able to work in Denmark again.
I know the language since twenty years soon, because of all the times I have worked there.
I know the streets, the best shops, designers and so on. I know the sound of the clock from Rådhuspladsen.

When I was twenty-one and walked the streets of Copenhagen as a young pop star, I had a vision of that Copenhagen was the very best city in the world. I still do.
It has everything. I remembered I loved the story behind every corner of the city. I heard many and lost them into my inner memories, still creating a good spirit.

Then I got the chance to see for the very first time a country in miniature, since I was for the first time traveling a whole country in only a few weeks. It was just before Christmas in the 90’s and we left for a small tour.
I saw everything through the hungry eyes of a young person:
The windpowerstations, the audience, the smell of sugarcanes factories, the hills and wide stretched landscape, the ”GaJol” candy and the Citronvann sodas I grew to love, the drinking tap water, The prescription for a great evening according to the pair-dancing in inner Jylland, in all the mentality of a whole people humble before the arts, because they are covered with it in various ways.

I learned to love Copenhagen and Denmark. The Danes granted me an entrance into their school of pop stardom, and they gave me a wisdom I could live with. ”Be yourself. I am!”

I took my first step as an artist in this country, witch airport always saw a tired 20 year old girl returning home, transfer traveling to Gothenburg, my home city. I was the only one who had taken of my shoes. I relaxed because I felt like home, and then I didn’t need any shoes on my feet anymore. This barefoot behavior of mine has only happened in my own house and … in Copenhagen, Denmark:)

Hi and Hoo

Santa Claus
The consumption oriented Christmas is starting here. A bit early… we just survived All Saints Day. Never the less, the shops in Gothenburg are getting full of Santa’s in various sizes and dancemooves. It makes me wonder.

I red about Santa Claus, the real one, in one of my new favorite books
”The Oxford Dictionary of Saints” by David Hugh Farmer:
Did you know that the Bishop of Myra lived in Turkey (4th century) was known to be a thaumaturge, a miracle worker. Myra in Swedish means ”ant”. I have to disregard this fact, since he was not the Bishop of ants…
Later canonized to be Santa Nicholas, he was known to both the eastern and western church tradition, and he survived the worst prosecution of Christians of all times under the Roman emperor Diocletian. He was/is a popular saint.

According to the legend the Bishop of Myra gave away three bags of gold to three young sisters by simply throwing it secretly through their window one night. Now they had money to their marriage dowries, and they didn’t have to start to earn their living as prostitutes. Since the Bishop remained an unknown giver, the girl’s father still was enabled to keep his head high in the society, since he never found anyone to owe anything to. Not in his lifetime anyway. The Bishop of Myra seems to have something else, something moore precious than gold, and plenty of it, since he gave for nothing, and the gift was great. I believe we have all been given the gift of life for nothing, therefore we shall be giving for nothing.

Interesting. Maybe it is good the Santas are out early this year…



Horizon is an abstract word.
Although the horizon is abstract it always draws my attention in a very concrete way when I am out. How can a thing be looked at and at the same time be abstract?

And isn’t it strange: when you get to the point on the map where you clearly saw the end of the view, you start to see something else. A whole new view.
I guess it is the same with the Rainbow.

It is said the rainbow has a pot of gold buried on the spot the place it goes down in the ground. And no one can ever check.
I think a lot of you think of God this way. You can’t proof he exists but neither can you contradict a believer. It always ends up in a long talk about abstract thoughts. I just want you to know that whatever your religious beliefs are – you are always welcome here.
I want to broaden my horizons.


I was brought up in a Christian home. My mother worked as an immigrant teacher and learned at lot from her. Her wisdom and her eye for the special needs of different pupils was a great experience for me.

I love to hear her talk of her dear young friends at school. They came from all over the world. She found out the best way to teach Swedish was to ask them to talk about their beloved home they had fled from. Only she said they had to talk Swedish all the time. Their hearts were burning with eager to tell their story. She heard about their climbing in trees and backyards and friends. All in coloring words by a child filled with longing and dreams.

Later she worked at the University. There she met another face of the multitude: Religions philosophy. She once taught me the resemblance in the lotus rose and the Christian roses we sing of in my church.
The symbols go way back and are very interesting as it is a universal language. Often you need words to specify the exact meaning of a symbol. The explanations are very important.


Explaining is a way of earning respect: It is given over time: the time it takes for someone to tell the truth and the hearer to understand the very same.

People have survived living next to each other – even though they are very different – just by knowing and respecting each other. I think it is all through words and explanations and our willing to understand. I believe it is a forgotten truth: the urge and the strive to always make us understood and to explain ourselves. The words can seem a bit abstract at first by still catch your eye.
It is because love is buried deep in the search for truth, and love is irresistible.

I love to be taught. Please feel free to teach me something about your religion if it is different than mine. If I don’t show you my horizon, no matter how blurry it may come out in writing, how can you ever see me? This is why I speak of my religion sometimes. Very abstract to some. But also very interesting, since it has my sincere love buried in it and my deepest longing to be understood.